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Tom Scally

Tom Scally, a performance consultant, created a program using systematic and holistic approaches to improve one's health and enable you to embrace your happiness. 

Tom is a transition coach based in Wilton CT. Before starting the Bridge Methods which focuses on helping his clients Thrive Amidst Career and Life Transitions he was involved in Corporate sales at GE Capital and worked for a small commodities firm where he was responsible for building automated trading systems.

Being in transition can be an uncomfortable feeling leaving you anxious and stressed, not knowing the outcomes of what lies ahead. In hindsight, Tom was in constant change in every area of his personal and professional life. Being exhausted and stressed became a way of life but still searching reading every self-help book seminar and different speakers where supposed to give solutions but it never really did it seemed hard, and things never changed the circumstance or feeling. Tom always was seeking the missing ingredient or gap to fill here, and when he was invited to go to a three-day seminar in the fall of 2009 given by a world renown author, healer and speaker on energy anatomy everything changed. Over the next ten years, he was mentored by Del pe who taught him inspiring lessons combining the best of eastern philosophy and western practicality and how it will put you in the best position to break through plateaus new way of thinking more energy healthier lifestyle improving your quality of life.

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Tom Scally