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Heather Witt-Sullivan Dog Obedience290

Dog Obedience Classes in Westport CT Heather Witt, owner of the Complete Canine Company, double-majored in animal sciences and biology at the University of Vermont and began her dog training business in 1989. An instructor for nearly two decades, Heather and her dog, Rowan, live in Easton, along with her husband, two sons, a cat, and a small flock of chickens.

Heather's training philosophy modifies canine behavior with amazing results. Consistent application of her techniques transformed my abused and poorly socialized puppy into a confident, socially adept and obedient dog, around whom it is a pleasure to be. Thank you, Heather -- Mark and Diana Meiches of Weston

Heather's effective training methods have helped turn my overly assertive German Shepherd into an attentive companion who is eager to please. People are constantly commenting on how well behaved he is. -- Annette Haacke of Fairfield