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Bridge for Intermediate / Advanced Players 302

Bridge for Intermediate / Advanced Players




9/19/2022 to 11/21/2022

Meeting Times

  • Monday 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


This class is for experienced players who want to improve their bidding, declarer play, and defense to the next level. We’ll use Standard American bidding based on five-card majors and will cover important basic conventions, like Blackwood, Stayman, and transfers. Then we'll build upon that knowledge and learn more about competitive conventions, like Michaels, Splinters, Jacoby 2NT, Negative Doubles and New Minor Forcing. The class will also cover advances in defensive play: what to discard, giving count, and how to use suit preference signals. Comprised of short classroom lectures followed by the bidding and play of real bridge hands, this class is for players who are ready for more complex play. Recommended texts: Bridge for Everyone, D. W. Crisfield, and 25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know, Seagram and Smith, available on Amazon.

Additional Notes

NO CLASS 9/26 & 11/14


  • Class Fee $140.00
Total: $140.00

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