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Fiscal Fitness 651

Fiscal Fitness




3/25/2020 to 4/1/2020


Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM


At some point in their lives, 90% of women will be in charge of their own or their family's finances. We’ll discuss action plans to build or secure a strong foundation for your financial future, including setting your financial goals, getting your accounts organized, the benefits of and how to create a spending plan, the need for establishing your estate plan, determining your investment risk tolerance, and being tax wise to help you worry less so you can focus on your bright future. 

Requirements: This workshop will be held online using Google Meet. Please make sure that you have downloaded the software. Participants will be sent a link to the workshop. More info on downloading and using Google Meet is available here >>

Additional Notes

Please note that our instructors are hired to teach general concepts and not to provide specific investment advice to individuals. Students should consult their financial advisors or attorneys before making any investment decisions based on our instructors' classroom examples.


  • Class Fee $39.00
Total: $39.00

Note: Class has been cancelled