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Make an Impact With Your Money - Socially Responsible Investing 220

Make an Impact With Your Money - Socially Responsible Investing





Meeting Times

  • Monday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


Investing can be an opportunity to create a better future for the broader world. Whether it is climate change, gender equality, income inequality, animal welfare or other social issues, investors can make their voices heard with their money. Socially responsible investing aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into investment decisions, and seeks to align an investor's personal goals and values with the promotion of a more responsible, equitable and sustainable world. We'll explore how to invest according to your principles while still achieving your financial goals.Topics include how to define your financial and socially responsible investing goals, understand your different responsible investment options and techniques, and how to implement responsible concepts into your portfolio.

Additional Notes

Please note that our instructors are hired to teach general concepts and not to provide specific investment advice to individuals. Students should consult their financial advisors or attorneys before making investment decisions based on our instructors' classroom examples.


  • Class Fee $29.00
Total: $29.00