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Italian Cooking & Culture: Bread & Tulips (Venice) 431

Italian Cooking & Culture: Bread & Tulips (Venice)





Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Join Simona Zanelli to learn about and enjoy la dolce vita inspired by films set in Italia!

In the film "Bread and Tulips," Rosalba and Fernando meet in a restaurant in Venice where he is a waiter. He serves her a tuna sandwich and sardines because the chef is sick….but what are some of the most authentic foods we can eat in Venice? As a city on the water, most of the recipes typical of Venice are based on fish. In this class, we’ll prepare a brodetto or fish soup, cooking different kinds of fish that I’ll choose based on market availability to make sure it’s the freshest available. We’ll also make corn based polenta and crostini, both of which are often used to accompany fish soup. Rosalba would be thrilled!

Additional Notes

#430a | Wednesday, Jan 20 | 6:00–8:00 pm
The classic polenta is used in many Italian regions, although more popular in the North. In Veneto and in Northern Italy, it is used as a plain substitute for bread, fried or toasted; in Tuscany and in Center Italy, families gather around a table on which polenta is poured directly from the pot. People then scoop their portion out and add their favorite condiments based on rich meat sauces made with pork and sausages or cheeses and gorgonzola or mushrooms or even fish. We'll use instant polenta to create easy versions of these classics. View the supplies and ingredients list here >>

Risotto and More
#430b | Wednesday, Feb 3 | 6:00–8:00 pm

Every season has its own variation of risotto as this can be a warm, creamy winter dish. Although risotto can be prepared with almost anything you can think of (including beer and champagne!), three of the most popular risotti are risotto allo zafferano (saffron risotto) typical from the Milano region; risotto ai funghi (mushroom risotto) from Tuscany and a meat sauce-based risotto typical from the Rome area. With the leftover risotto, we can make one of the most popular Italian appetizers: rice balls or (Arancini or Suppli’, as they are called in Rome). These delicious apps are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside thanks to the abundance of cheese that melts everything together. View the supplies and ingredients list here >>

#430c | Wednesday, Feb 24 | 6:00–8:00 pm

Tradition has it that gnocchi are made for the Thursday dinner to compensate for the light meal of Friday.  Made with potatoes, squash or semolina flour, gnocchi can be paired with pesto, meat sauce or a delicate, but delicious, butter and sage sauce. Also, to have some extra fun, we can make colorful gnocchi, by adding to our dough a hint of tomato paste for the gnocchi rossi with marjorane and pancetta or turmeric for the deeper yellow required by gnocchi al parmigiano. 


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