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Bridge for True Beginners 235

Bridge for True Beginners




10/5/2020 to 11/23/2020

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Meeting Times

  • Monday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM


Bridge is to card games what chess is to board games, as challenging as it is rewarding. If you've ever wanted to learn, now is the time and this is the class. We'll start with the basics: what it means to follow suit, to take a trick, and to play trump. Then we'll move on to the objectives, including actual scoring based on bidding and making contracts. Lessons will cover fundamental bidding (to reach the best contract) and Play of the Hand (to be able to fulfill that contract). Required text: Bridge for Everyone, D. W. Crisfield, available on Amazon.

Additional Notes

No class Nov 4 or 12/2


  • Class Fee $140.00
Total: $140.00

Note: Class has started. Please call the office at 203-341-1209 if you would like to register.